Positioning Oneself in a Virtual Work Environment

Jaimie Tucker
3 min readApr 6, 2020

In support of national efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, most workplaces have transitioned to virtual, work from home settings. Have you thought about what this could mean for your career?

Even a year later, the pandemic is still not over, and it is likely workplaces will remain much more varied in the future. Combinations of working at the office, from home, and shared workspaces have become commonplace. How do these changes affect your ability to get ahead? Read on for tips about positioning yourself in a virtual work environment.

4 Essential Tips to Position Yourself in a Virtual Work Environment:

1) How Does this Impact Your Career?

Many businesses are struggling, and “rules” of working with others on a virtual basis are perhaps not yet established. One thing is certain, distressed firms will be looking to reduce costs. Working environments have changed, many forever. The current situation may be a great opportunity to demonstrate, and then later negotiate, a more favorable life/work balance. An employee’s value must be obvious and the benefits of being able to work from home clear.

2) Producing Results Will Be Number 1, Though Relationships Also Count

Some of you may be seasoned at working from home, working frequently with colleagues in other states and countries. You probably already know in a virtual work environment, employees are often judged more on performance and results. There are fewer opportunities to make in-person impressions and connections. The ability to produce great results is of most importance.

With that being said, the ability to nurture authentic relationships through virtual channels will be of increasing importance.

Nurturing Virtual Relationships

Here are some tips to deepen virtual relationships and position oneself as an invaluable employee while working from home.

Create Value Now

There are still many unknowns about how the coronavirus will affect our future virtual work environments. Knowing how to be savvy while working from home can help to safeguard one’s position during this time of economic uncertainty. It is important to reinforce authentic and valuable relationships with colleagues and coworkers, and critical to think about positioning oneself in a virtual work environment.

What about you? Are you currently working from home? How has the coronavirus pandemic changed your workplace environment? Let me know in a comment below!

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