Feelings and thoughts of positivity have a lot more to do with goal setting than they have been given credit for.

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How is the year going for you so far? I love the start of a new year, the opportunity for fresh beginnings, hopes for the future, a chance to hit reset. Collectively throughout the world, people’s hearts are light with hope their dreams will come true in the new year. It’s such a good feeling, and in the midst of a continued pandemic, people are looking for good feelings, and positive ways forward. …

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As someone who moved across the country and away from family, these times of social distancing and limited travel have been extremely tough. Read on for tips on how families can remain connected and still celebrate special life moments while being forced to be apart.

In supporting efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, our family has been isolating ourselves, practicing social distancing when we do go out, and minimizing reasons to leave our home. For the last year, we had plans to take the kids to visit with my family on the west coast of Canada so they could…

There are many different aspects to sustainable fashion. One of the easiest and immediately impactful things consumers can take action on is to repurpose items already in their closet.

This post contains commissionable links at the bottom in which I may earn a small commission from. Home organization and spring cleaning is a trending topic when the seasons change. Read more about how to shop sustainably, a beginner’s guide. It’s easy to shop one’s own closet!

Eliminate Items

The start of a season is always a good time to go through closets. Take a good hard look at the item. If a…

In support of national efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, most workplaces have transitioned to virtual, work from home settings. Have you thought about what this could mean for your career?

Even a year later, the pandemic is still not over, and it is likely workplaces will remain much more varied in the future. Combinations of working at the office, from home, and shared workspaces have become commonplace. How do these changes affect your ability to get ahead? Read on for tips about positioning yourself in a virtual work environment.

4 Essential Tips to Position Yourself in a Virtual Work Environment:

1) How Does this Impact Your Career?

Many businesses are struggling, and “rules” of working with…

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Jaimie is a lifestyle blogger that shares style & wellness tips via national media outlets. Visit: www.jaimietucker.com https://www.instagram.com/jaimie_tucker/

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